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Our show yesterday happened to be next door to the rouge car-pet for the Emmys.



On the side of California State Route 46, this handsome face looms out at you. It’s bizarre to think about being on the same asphalt where James Dean died.


Some seahorses, Monterey Aquarium.
See how thick that one’s tail is? He was huge. I mean, as far as seahorses go.


From the Monterey Aquarium. I don’t even know what kind of fish this was but I’m fairly certain that he was just as fearsome when he was still alive. Anything with bones that frightening is sure to be impressive and scary when they’re covered up.


I discovered this guy hopping around on my antenna as I left work. He has sustained three 70 mph trips down the freeway and has arrived with me at all destinations. I’m ridiculously happy he survived all the way home because I love him. Is that weird? Whatever that is a cool spider.