Goose, pedicure.



Phase one: Complete.
(actually it’s more like phase two because phase one is technically conception and track compiling. but whatever, layout design has been decided and the hard part [the art] is complete.)


In June, Kristi and I went to Helzberg and she picked out this ring. I put it on lay-away that day and over the course of the next six months, paid off a $1,167 bill. I went Thursday afternoon to make the final payment and pick it up. Kristi doesn’t know that it’s currently hiding in my closet (or at least, she’s pretending she doesn’t, which she better keep up), waiting for our anniversary dinner. It’s the ring she wants, it’s the ring I’m so excited to be able to give her. I hope that I can give her everything that she wants every day for the rest of our lives.


Throughout the web, I’ve seen a lot of people doing the picture a day for a year project. Whether they’re doing self portraits or just random shots, they’re doing it. Kristi is always getting on me about how we don’t take enough pictures and how it’s my job to get behind the camera and photograph everything we do and everything happening around us. I tend to be pretty obsessive compulsive about things that, in my mind, require regular updating. So I’m hoping that this blog will not only keep me snapping pictures, but will also be able to provide an overall view of what our life is like.  It’s my goal to update daily, obviously, and hopefully I won’t fall behind much or often. We’ll see how it goes.