All I do is talk about or listen to the Beatles. So I thought that, for our four year anniversary, I would share with Kristi the lovey-est songs from the group and the solo careers. (Ringo is absent cause well.. I don’t really care for his voice..) Hopefully it will make her feel so mushy inside that she won’t roll her eyes at me when I spontaneously burst into a chorus of Let Me Roll It or Do You Want to Know a Secret.

Track listing:

  1. Oh! Darling – 4
  2. Got to Get You Into My Life – 4
  3. Let Me Roll It – Paul
  4. Blow Away – George
  5. (Just Like) Starting Over – John
  6. What Is Life – George
  7. For You Blue – 4
  8. Grow Old With Me – John
  9. Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul
  10. Cloud 9 – George
  11. This is Love – George
  12. Every Night – Paul
  13. I Will – 4
  14. Love – John
  15. Here, There and Everywhere – 4
  16. My Love – Paul
  17. Oh My Love – John
  1. March 1st, 2010

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